About us

Texts.Expert is a commercial tool designed to make remote collaboration easy. In the world where independent contractors are an integral part of every team and project, Texts.Expert provides a monitoring relief. While offering all team members a chance to work whenever and wherever they are, this simple tool ensures that all people working on the same project stay up to date on the latest events. Texts.Expert enables writers, proofreaders, and customers to keep track of their work progress, receive project updates in real time, and control their financial records in a couple of simple clicks.

A team of content creators who perfected the procedure of working with the freelancers. Our experience of working with independent contractors has led us to design this simple, but functional tool.

We ensure that every team member makes the most out of remote collaboration. We make it easy for writers, proofreaders, and customers to work together and receive timely updates on all of the project developments.

We offer several subscription plans, tailored to a variety of teams. No matter if your team consists of just one writer and a proofreader or a hundred of content creators, with Texts.Expert, you’ll find a perfect plan for your needs.