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Texts.Expert is a unique tool aimed at making online collaboration easy and transparent. Our goal is to give customers a chance to efficiently collaborate with their remote writers and proofreaders, ensuring timely communication, easy assignment allocation, and transparent order tracking. The tool is perfect for large and small teams working together towards a common goal.

At the same time, Texts.Expert is perfect for individual freelancers. Both writers and proofreaders can securely log in to the system and get quick access to a number of paying projects. Transparent order distribution guarantees maximum protection for the employees, ensuring timely payments for the completed work. More than that, our convenient tracking system makes it possible to monitor all orders in real time, get timely updates from the client, and calculate your earnings in one click!

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Out system gives writers and proofreaders a chance to choose from a variety of commercial projects they’d like to work on. A simple and intuitive tracking system displays all of your current orders in one place. Claim new tasks and upload completed ones any time of day and night – work wherever you are, whenever you want to!

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Texts.Expert is a unique tool that gives content creators, including clients, writers, and proofreaders a chance to effectively collaborate on multiple projects. By allowing all project participants to distribute new orders, track progress, and monitor the finances, the tool makes online collaboration simple and transparent.

As a platform for freelancers, Texts.Expert places great emphasis on flexibility and, as a consequence, on responsibility. Every professional works independently, any place or any time they want. Still, every member of our global team remembers that other people depend on them. Whether it is a client, waiting for a new blog post, a proofreader looking to apply finishing touches to an already written piece, or a fellow writer working on other tasks from the same project, we all depend on each other.

This simple and functional approach gives us a chance to stand out in a highly competitive content market. We do understand that content has already become a commodity (to a certain extent) and do our best to provide our clients with compelling copy in due time. That’s exactly how we make a difference!

Texts.Expert is designed to give freelance writing projects a new vibe. While working independently, we’re still a part of one big team. And we do our best as a team!

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